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Our agent team in the Philippines is led Glenn Templo Garciea who is a resident of the Philippines.  He Studied Bachelor of Science, Major in Psychology at Centro Escolar University Official as well as studying Occupational therapy at the University of Perpetual Help System JONELTA - Biñan Campus in the Philippines.  

He worked in human resources helping people with their employment concerns, dealing with complaints, resolving problems, and helping staff by providing guidance and being the listening post they needed when needed.  This ability to work with people who are experiencing difficulties with their immigration process has been extremely useful in calming them and helping them understand the lengthy processes that occur and why they are important for being patient in waiting for their dreams to come true.  

Glenn is a support for dealing with people and helping them when needed.  He is extremely patient when going over what has to be done and what needs to be provided to our staff in Canada in order for us to help with their immigration process.  

As Agents, Glenn and his staff do not provide immigration advice and are not employed by Adventus Canada Immigration but rather help assess whether you have all the requirements to apply for immigration to Canada.  He and his team will interview you and discuss how they can help you and then work with us in Canada to help you immigrate here.

They have been working with us for over 8 years and they are extremely reliable, trustworthy, honest and also ethical.  They do not cross the line in what they are allowed to do and never deal with any immigration questions.  They set up meetings for you with our Canadian team to discuss what options are available to you. 

Michelle Cabalquinto.  Has been a mainstay with Glenn’s agency in the Philippines for over five years.  She manages the operations and looks after all the staff. She is extremely efficient and knowledgeable about how to inform clients about what is required is need for us to help their clients.  She has strong professional skills and is able to deal with difficult clients and offers solutions that help them reach their goals.  She is responsible and offers all efforts to guide her clients in the simplest matters.  Her ability to understand the ethnic differences between Canadians and Filipinos is extraordinary and she can relay these to Canadian concerns immediately.   

She can manage hundreds of files with such competence and ability you never have to worry about anything.  She is the glue that holds the office together and also the leader that provides guidance and builds confidence in her team and her customers.  

There are many fraudulent and illegal ghost consultants so our team provides potential clients with a contact in the Philippines so they can reach out to us for us to talk to them.