• Canadian Experience Class
  • Express Entry

The Canadian Experience Class are those foreign nationals who have had the opportunity to come to Canada and work for at least one year. This experience allows workers to apply for the Canadian Experience Class category. People who are selected through this program are not bound by any selection criteria other than the work experience they have in Canada. Although language is required and some education, these are not as major as the one year work experience.

Express Entry is a file management system where all of the above 3 programs are considered on this system. Applicants are entered into a pool of workers – some from skilled workers, skilled trades and Canadian experienced class.

Applicants must qualify under their category and then once in the Express Entry management system, they are placed in a pool of applicants who have all qualified. These applicants are allocated points for different factors and the ones who have the highest points are selected. There are lots of applicants in the pool and in 2022, thousands of applicants remain in the pool due to the recent covid pandemic. Over 1.5 million applications are backlogged in the system which will take awhile to get through yet. It could potentially take a few years to process. Unfortunately, that means those who are in the pool may languish in there for a while.