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Adventus Canada Immigration is a Canadian based immigration located in Calgary Alberta, Canada.

We work with people from around the world to successfully immigrate and integrate into Canadian society. We are licensed and regulated immigration consultants that are regulated by the College of Citizenship and Immigration Canada – CICC

We are a Canadian based immigration located in Calgary Alberta, Canada. We help people from around the world to successfully immigrate and integrate into Canadian society. We are licensed immigration consultants that are regulated by the College of Citizenship and Immigration Consultants (CICC).

Deciding to move to a new country will be one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. The move may prove to be very difficult for you and if you are bringing a family, you will have additional needs and challenges. Anyone who has ever moved to a different country understands the hurdles that new immigrants must overcome to work and live in their chosen new home. Canada welcomes its new residents but Canada’s immigration process can also be overwhelming to anyone not sure how to deal with the administrative process and paperwork involved. Adjusting to Canadian culture and learning western etiquette may also need consideration.

Adventus Canada Immigration will give you peace of mind by helping make your transition easier. Our diverse staff and many of our network of professional contacts consist of new and first generation Canadians who have gone through and/or helped many others go through the immigration process. We want you to know that you are not alone and that we will be there to assist you every step of the way.

Through our contacts, affiliates, representatives, and staff, we have the experience to provide support and eliminate the stress of the immigration process for you and your family.

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The biggest challenges facing new immigrants are understanding and integrating into Canadian culture, assimilating into a new work style, and adjusting to the new attitudes, behaviours, and mannerisms of Canadians. Learning these soft skills enables new immigrants to adjust more easily into their new home and allows them to modify their actions, change their behaviour and understand how they can make things better for themselves.


  • Highly recommended especially Jean, she's doing very well with love and cares for her clients and even doing beyond her duties. She treated us like family. God bless always

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  • I had a awesome experience with Jean Toews. She applied for my study permit and worked really hard on my application . Because of her great efforts, I was able to fulfil my dreams and come to canada.

    Aman Seth
  • Ms.Jean ! She does a great job. She is my guardian angel more than an advisor. Highly recommended !

    Karthik Desikan
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    Hamdi Efrni
  • She does a great job in our process of Immigration. My husband and me recommend her!!

    Marta Dyck
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    Gerwin Dyck
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Adventus Canada Immigration has developed online education for new immigrants that they can review and study prior to entering Canada. It gives them useful information on the basics of body language, work etiquette, communications, culture in Canada, and a glimpse of everyday life in Canada. These online modules have been developed with the help of immigrants from around the world who have experienced challenges that have encouraged the development of this training.

Canada is one of more popular countries among immigrants to venture to for a new life, for themselves, for their children, and their families. Canada is considered a country that is safe, and with numerous opportunities, great healthcare, and a place for good education.

Over half a million immigrants are accepted into Canada every year to study in universities across the country. These students have the fortune to study and get a degree here and after completing their education, they have the opportunity to work under the post grad work permit (PGWP) during which time they can qualify for permanent residency.

Canada has an immigration that projects over one million immigrations over the next 3 year period. These immigrants are selected through the express entry system or by provincial nomination programs. At the same time, foreign workers are coming in through work permits, and working for employers who also give them the opportunity to become permanent residents in the future.

There are huge opportunities for foreign nations in the near future to come to Canada. The growth of Canada depends on foreign nations since the birth rates in Canada is not replacing Canadians citizens. As citizens age more and more young immigrants will be needed to fill the jobs that are left open and to pay the taxes that will be needed to support aging Canadians.

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Canada is a democratic free country, where human rights, equality, plentiful resources, wonderful lifestyles, and great opportunities exist for those who work hard, and contribute to society. Do you want to make this country part of your life? We want to have you here too. Contact us today for information on how you can make this your home.

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